The SK2000 Roll Form Challenge

Are all Roll Form Racks Created Equal?

Despite the popularity of teardrop-style pallet racks, many users have found that OPEN-BACK roll formed columns cannot always withstand the inevitable fork truck impacts, causing potential for high maintenance and replacement costs.

Recently, at our test facility, we put two popular teardrop racks to the test – the SK2000 closed-tubular rack and an open-back rack of the same size and same gauge steel.
Watch the video to see how open back and closed back rack survived the type of impact delivered by a 4000 lb. forklift.


Steel King Industries has developed an industrial storage rack design which retains the benefits of a boltless pallet rack, while offering substantially more durability – the SK2000® Boltless Pallet Rack series – that provides 250% more frontal impact strength than a comparable open back column.

In addition, independent engineering tests have confirmed that SK2000® is:

2018 Rack System Design & Buyers Guide

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