SK2000 – the durable Boltless Roll-Form Rack

We will help you analyze your pallet racking needs whether you’re warehousing inventory, picking or have fulfillment requirements to develop a system that works for you.

Roll formed is the most popular and versatile type of racking, and Steel King’s closed tubular design pallet racking has become an industry standard. Designed with you in mind and drawing on almost 70 years of material handling experience, SK2000 boltless pallet rack is constructed of closed structural tubing because this configuration provides increased strength and torsion resistance.* In fact, independent engineering tests have confirmed that, when compared to open back column, SK2000® has:

We incorporated thought at every turn. SK2000 columns have a unique 90 degree bend and no corner holes. Teardrop connections and auto-engaging safety locks means SK2000 can be assembled without tools. Columns are available in multiple sizes and thicknesses.

Frames and step beams in this series are made from the same high strength closed tubing as the columns and are available in many profiles and lengths. Bracing is secured with full fillet weld, which in many cases, is 4 times more weld than some competitor racks! Our three rivet connection offer 26% greater strength than a two rivet connection would.

To minimize forklift damage and take durability to the next level, consider factory installed Column Core inserts.